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When Games Are Too Difficult

Yeah, that’s right now back at it again troll face quest now troll face quest videogames is one of the best Ones that we played there back with a brand new game, this only drops either today or yesterday I can’t remember But it’s brand new only 500 people have downloaded it as of today So we are gonna play through it right now and even like the title screen is hilarious PlayerUnknown’s…Troll…Battle Grounds. I’m ready. You ready? No. What? Okay. Let’s do this. Hopefully I know more of the video games this time because last time I feel like I didn’t know many of them Which is really bad, cuz? I’m a gamer. Okay, this one. I definitely know this is isn’t this the talking tom like the weird cat game I’m not sure I was supposed to be weird But it did end up being weird we also have to collect these frying pans Which I think items from the the Casinoslots Singapore.

That should be out soon anyway. Let’s start doing What are you doing? Take the paper? You need the paper desperately? What is it lets us see what this button does oh? my goodness oh You didn’t just fail the level he felt something else my goodness hmm What could he need to do? I’m trying to look for stuff that kind of stands out? Talking Tom’s usually talking to me not not pooping in front of me. So this is a new experience for me We press it once He squeezes press it twice he does it and then fails which I’m not she I don’t know what to do I already leveled one and I’m stuck and trying the old pinch Maneuvered remember that from the previous games that seemed to work before but at the moment Not really working is it it’s not working at all Oh? Oh, Oh, what’s happening? I don’t know what I did. I just kept shaking I Just kept scraping my finger across the screen, but I’m you know I’m not complaining.

It won’t let move on okay. This is um This is a water slide. I’m not a hundred percent sure what game this is gonna be let’s see There he goes I think he missed the pool yeah He definitely missed the pool is this like a roller coaster tycoon game there must be something we can change Exactly in classic trollface quest style dive straight into the toilet get flushed, bug What okay with this did we win We did yeah, I have no words. Ah this is tomb raider, okay, so Trollface tomb raider let’s press the golden trollface Nothing happens Tomb Raider kicks the golden troll face in the face It’s not very nice is it there has to be something that the golden troll face can do to be able to stop Tomb Raider kicking him in the jaw oh my goodness oh my goodness oh My goodness what happened to Tomb Raider? And now surely she can’t jump through now oh My goodness you could fly okay, okay, maybe was gone