Poker Tips

Top 3 free style poker tips

As an amateur cash poker player I found my self finding ways to make easy money when playing off line poker. I would like to teach you some of poker strategies that I found really helpful for new and advanced players.

1.Finding the aggressive players– the best way to make easy money while playing poker is to first locate the player that he is the most aggressive.

How do you find him ?

a. he will get to every hand

b. he will get to every hand even if there is a pre flop raise.

After you find him , when you have something play tight and slow, he will raise and he will fall.

2. Counters – when playing cash game, players always set a time limit. Try to locate those players that counting their chips before the game ends, if you find them , play with them , and on the river go all in ( if you feel he is strong but not that strong) they will never call. why ? because they made money and if they fold they’d still be in profit.

I once made a bet for a counter and he folded a three of a kind, because he felt that I had a straight , when I didn’t even had a pair.

3. The sound makers– I started noticing that some player players are making sounds to make the opponents think that they have nothing while they are very strong , don’t fall for it, even if he checks, fold the hand, you’ll become the king of the table.