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The Best Hold ‘Em Games Online

Bhutan Travel Tips continues exploring the best online poker rooms with a look at Casinoslots, in this part of our series on the softest and most profitable hold ’em games on the internet.

Casinoslots is linked to a large casino with a big reputation, namely Casinoslots, which means that a lot of casino players migrate to the poker room. This is very good news if you happen to have read your Slansky or Brunson, because the general standard tends to be very low indeed.

The games can be wild and decidedly amateurish and although there are a few decent players on this site, our overall feeling is that there are still more than enough cretins to go around for the rest of us.

More good news is that Casinoslots will pay you to play there – up to $30 an hour. This does not happen all the time. You will be offered the money to sit at a short-handed table until they reach six or more players. You get paid an hourly fee, but you are not allowed to sit out. That doesn’t mean you have to spend money at the table – simply fold your hands if you want and you will still earn the money.

Furthermore, every player can earn a $40 Bonus Every Month. As long as you play 250 hands per month you qualify for this bonus, which is a nice feature.

Casinoslots also offers a Royal Flush Bonus that can get as high as $500, and a Bad Beat Jackpot that starts at a minimum of $2500, and they add $150 a day until it is hit.

There are a couple of drawbacks that you should be aware of as well: the software is not great – if you are playing at a table and on a waiting list for another table (you can only be on one waiting list at a time here) be prepared for the worst. As soon as your spot opens up in the game you’re waiting for the software will automatically yank you from your current game. There are a couple of other minor flaws that will rile you, but they are petty peeves relative to the perks.

Their customer support is also generally considered to be very poor. They are not that knowledgeable about poker, and they have been known to be rude as well as ignorant. But their payouts are quick and hassle-free, and hopefully you’ll never have to deal with customer support!

We play poker here because it affords us the opportunity to take money from weak players, not to make friends with their help team. This situation will change as more good players find out about Casinoslots but until then this virtual room is plentifully stocked with fat, juicy fish who swim around blithely unaware that you’re about to hook them, and then relieve them of a wad of cash.

Currently, with a combination of decent bonuses and weak players, we rate it as the best small to mid-size poker room online.