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The Akinator Playthrough

There you go troll face. I saved you from inevitable doom. Oh, dude. It’s the akinator I completely forgot about this guy look at his brown trail of course. He’s coming out of a toilet um Do I eat burgers yes, what yes, I do I do eat burgers have I used toilet paper today No, no I haven’t there is it a fly no, it’s not a fly What are you doing I always thought you were smart you are not smart you’re just the toilet genie Okay, so let’s say no to everything and let’s see what happens there must be something else to this avoid achievement poop inator okay fantastic What about if I say yes to everything here? We go here we go He still comes up with the same thing. Can I just flush you I can’t oh. Oh oh I Can’t get out of you punk.

Wait a second. What is this? You’re gonna make me watch an ads. What’s the beer in the troll cinema to unlock the next level What’s fine yarn? I did what you wanted now. Let me go to the next level Oh What game is this I feel like I’ve seen it before is it destiny. Maybe I’m not a big player of those I’m not too sure Looks pretty awesome. Though. I’m intrigued by this. Oh, it’s a frying pan I thought was an eyeball we have a scary-looking woman and a man with a pretty incredible bunch in Let’s just see what happens when we tap them. Oh wait is this halo. It could be halo All this happened is he’s covered his face. Let’s have her She’s indestructible no way Okay, we need to find another way to destroy bat lady ah No, no you guys supposed to do that no stop stop. Stop. It doesn’t work his face So you can put his visor down? But can you do anything else can he get smaller? I don’t know why you’d want him to be smaller and trying to do the pinches all the time doing the pinches anything hidden from behind No kind of swapped him out someone else not luck She can never remember how to defeat a dragon lady.

I reckon there’s a way that we can change his gun or something I’m just gonna kick it up Of course of course I need to get back into the mindset of trollface quest But how does this help us defeat a dragon lady, or are we on the side of the dragon lady who knows he’s still going? Yes Behind every super hero is a man shivering in his heart-shaped pants, or you have a brother that is ripped Oh my goodness. Oh hold in a week. We we gotta kick this guy is this a pan it certainly is I don’t know if I want to kick this guy look at his face. He looks so defenseless. You know others do it anyway HA! what game is this? What game is it when you kick a small person into the atmosphere?