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The 10 most curious curiosities of Poker

Today’s article provided by Oncasinogames will be surprising! The 10 most curious curiosities of Poker!

1. Aces We always complain Because we spend hours and hours and days Waiting for aces without luck This happens because there is 1 chance in 221 To get a pair of aces So, stop crying and be patient The most incredible thing, maybe the reason is this horrible curiosity Is that no one ever Won the World Series Of Poker ME with aces Yes, you heard right, no one, EVER

2. The River Card Or River to us But, wait Before continuing Without cheating, I mean, you can’t keep watching, in the comments please tell me What do you think about the origin of the word “River”, the 5th card on the board Well, the thing is A long time ago, in USA people used to play poker poker in riverboats Some players cheat Y se guardaban, la típica A card up their sleeve Just in case if they had to change the 5th card The origin of the word is because of the punishment if they were discovered Guess what was the punishment… They were thrown to the river! It’s ok with competition, want to win… But for me, cheating never had been an option! That punishment… No guys, thanks For those who never pass an english test ever River in english is river.

3. Nixon Richard Nixon was the thirty-seventh president of the United States But you don’t know how he managed to finance his politic campaign Nixon was a great poker player. This story happened at 1942 In the Second World War Our friend Richard was in the navy working as cook Poker was the favourite game to the soldiers. So in this game, he found the way to win money In the high seas he won 10.000 usd playing poker. A lot of money at that time With this money he did his first politic campaign. Nixon also said that poker helped him to keep calm. To solve huge problems with important people. Well… maybe it worked in that way for him Ok, Nixon… 4. Henry 8 O Enrique VIII There are players like Nixon, who used the money in the right way But to little Henry it was different… Legend says that the king Henry liked to gamble He gambled at all kind of games and problems came quickly In a dice roll. He lost the bells of the St. Paul Church What a problem, little Henry!

Number 5! I’m saying the curiosities in a mode.. A random mode! Just saying, you know.

5. Great Wall Of China All of us know the Great Wall Of China’s story But no one knows anything about the funds to build. Were obtained with the Keno A lottery-like gambling game from China Keno is still playing today.

Number 6. Longest poker game played by one person, live Just in case I clarify Phil Laak until 2010 had the record, 115 hours playing uninterrupted. The record was broken when in the Hotel Bellagio’s Poker Room, in Las Vegas Barry Denson, a british war veteran, played tirelessly to achieve a new record. Playing 120 hours and 20 minutes Best of all was his motivation. Proceeds from this session were donated to the foundation Help For Heros A non-profit organization which helps war veterans injured.

Number 7, most expensive game It happened in 1928 in Chicago. The protagonist was Al Capone and his followers. The prizepool was U$d 2.000.000 20 million nowadays. An unknown won the game But there are versions that say he was Al Capone’s close associate And the other says he was an agent Who was allowed to win the money I understand.

8. Celebrities Poker is a worldwide known game which we all love. That’s why a lot of celebrities calling themselves poker fans. For example: Gerard Piqué, Ronaldo Rafa, Nadal Michael, Phelps Manu, Ginobili Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Lisa Simpson, Neymar Aaron, Paul Sergio García, Boris Becker, Leo Di Caprio, Matt Damon among others.

9. The Nuts! This is amazing! The Nuts is the term to say we got the best hand In a particular situation. Do you ever have ask yourself why?

This story happened Back in Old West. Players could wager almost anything they had at a poker game Weapons, scriptures and even the carriage and horse. This was habitual Included the nuts that held their wagon wheels in place, “wheel nuts”. They put them on the table to ensure they won’t scape if they lose the hand. So “betting the nuts”. Betting the nuts. To the others at the table, it would seem that a player would only make such a bet with an unbeatable hand. Without the wagon wheel nuts, the player would be stranded and might die.

10. Odds In our lifes there is 1 chance in 2.598.960. To get the same card combination. In the comments please tell me which curiositie did you like more.

If you have something else, you can write it in the comments below!

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