Poker Tips

Starting hands in Poker

Maybe you watched poker on TV and you have seen professional players having success with weak or very weak hand and you start to put your question why they didn’t fold with this hands.

Maybe it passed a series of rounds and you didn’t had a good hand to play with. You view your opponents making a straight with a bad hand like 6 and 3 and you start to wonder if you should start playing with any 2 cards and then see what happens. There is a set of things that can get you mad and you start to get tempted to not use the Starting Hands table. This is exactly what you SHOULD NOT do.

There are some ways you can successfully play NL Hold’em. One of these is Tight / aggressive which teaches you to be an aggressive player and small, which means you play only on a small number of hands, but very aggressive. This is a simple method of learning strategies that lead to success, as long as you stick with it. By playing hands that are not in the Starting Hands table, you get in unprofitable situations and you lose money in the process. It is very easy to avoid playing too many hands early. Using the Starting Hands table, make sure you play only hands that tend to be profitable.

Suppose you get in pre-flop with AKO. Flop does not show an Ace or King, but you continue betting. Then the opponent raise the stake . Now you have a problem. Most beginners will give call in this situation, which is absolutely wrong. It is very unlikely that an ace or a king will come, which means that calling in this situation result in losing money in the process. However, most beginners ca not fold to give a good first hand that falls on the flop. Sometimes a player does not want to give up money that he already put into the pot. This thinking is irrational, because, since you put money into the pot, they are no longer yours. The only money you have is in front of you and there is no reason to invest in this situation.

Hands which worth to raise with: a pair of Aces , Kings, Queens, Tens and Jacks but also the following combinations: Ace with King, Ace with Queen.

If you have the following hands you can call to see the flop and decide what to do next: a pair of Seven, Eights or Nines, Ace with a Jack, Ace with a Seven, King with Queen , King with Jack, Queen with Jack, Jack with Ten, Ten with a Nine.