Poker Tips

Playing Multiple Tables At Once

At times, playing online poker can be a little slow. If you are a good player and practice correct starting hand selection you’ll find yourself folding more hands than you play, so the waiting period between hands can get a bit boring. Internet poker has come up with a simple solution to this problem though. Multi tabling.

All online poker sites now offer the opportunity for you to play at multiple tables at once, with some poker rooms allowing you to play at up to ninety nine tables at once, so if you are an experienced poker player that has the ability to stay focused when playing at two or more tables at once, you can take advantage of the poker rooms multi table facilities.

When you first start multi tabling, it’s wise to build yourself up slowly, as although it’s possible for an experienced multi tabler to handle ten or more tables at once, it’s not advisable to try playing at six tables at once on your first time because it’ll take away your ability to remember your opponents betting patterns.

There are different ways to show the multiple tables on your computer screen. For example, you can manually change from one table to another, you can let the software tell you when it’s your turn to act on any tables by making that table appear on your screen, or you can adjust the screen size so you can see all the tables at the same time.

There are a few advantages to playing at multiple tables and one disadvantage. The first advantage is that you can get more hands in, and therefor win more money.
Even the greatest poker player in the world doesn’t win every hand, but over time, they do win more than they loose. Playing multiple tables makes the time between winning sessions shorter. Rather than loosing for two out of every seven days, you can simply open seven tables and win at five out of seven of them.

Another advantage is that because you’re getting to play more hands, you gain more experience and improve faster.

The one disadvantage of multi tabling is that you can’t get as good a read on your opponents as you have so many more opponents to concentrate on. This shouldn’t stop you from multi tabling though as the pro’s far outweigh the con’s.

Also, be sure to choose a poker site which has enough opponents and to multi table against, and good enough software to support your multi tabling.