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Online Gambling Sweep Busts

In what can be considered one of the largest online gambling busts in recent history in New Jersey, 42 participants were arrested in what they referred to as “Operation Off the Hook.” New Jersey State and local county authorities worked in conjunction on the deal to try and stop online gambling in its tracks.

According to police, the ring handled more than $1 million a month in online gambling bets. The investigation had lasted more than seven months, and ended in the seizure of $5 million as well as five pounds of marijuana. They also seized five vehicles at the scene.

The police say that the masterminds behind the online gambling ring were the well known Genovese crime family out of New York. Among those arrested were John Prato and Jerry Maietta. Prato was a teacher and Maietta was an athletics director and coach – both from North Bergen High School.

Both were charged with promoting online gambling in Ireland and conspiracy to promote gambling. Maietta was also charged with possession of gambling records. James J. Skinner and his father James W. Skinner were both identified as the ringleaders of the online gambling ring.

Others were involved in the online gambling ring, and several others were from the same high school. Police say that this all started with a probe of illegal gambling in Bergen County and it grew to include drug trafficking and money laundering.

It seems that and NextGen Gaming are going to be working together. The Gibraltar based has signed an agreement with NextGen to use their supply of online gambling games for their online casinos.

The way the agreement reads for the online gambling deal is that all customers of 888 and their white label partners will have access to NextGen’s most popular online gambling games. They will be “localized” to appeal to the various countries that 888 supplies, so that the content is appropriate for each area of the world.

Their integration platform will allow NextGen to tap right into their online gambling environment. This will make marketing much easier for both companies as they move forward. The companies are pleased that the deal came together so nicely, and that both companies are going to greatly benefit from the agreement.

888’s spokesman said that this was just one more way for the company to “broaden its entertainment offering.” They have been looking into doing this for awhile, and NextGen is only the first in several agreements that have yet to be written. The company says that they have others lined up for the future.

888 says that as they are constantly trying to update what they have to offer their clients, this new deal will give them a huge boost. NextGen days that this will let them offer some of their best titles to a market they previously did not have access to. They feel that this is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.