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    Poker Beginner Mistakes

    Many beginners makes a lot of common mistakes when playing poker. The most relevant one are: -Bankroll Management Whether it is greed or curiosity, some players cannot resist to play with limited budget. Your personal bankroll represents what you can afford to gamble on poker, and if it is administered in a limited way your career poker player will be under no risk. Should always have enough to survive a downswing. Remember that it is not possible to always win at poker. No matter how well you play, you will also lose money continuously for a certain period of time. As a beginner, you are prone to make mistakes and…

  • Travel and Gamble

    Tiger Kingdom: a rare encounter with the beasts of Northern Thailand

    The best and most unique part of our experience traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand has defnitely got to be the visit to the Tiger Kingdom. It was our last day in Chiang Mai and we had a plane to catch in the evening on the way back to Bangkok, where we would start our overland journey to Cambodia the following day. The day was jampacked with activities. We started with a visit to the Maesa Elephant Camp, long neck village, insect camp, king cobra camp with the Tiger Kingdom being our last stop. Are these tigers drugged? We had read a pamphlet about Tiger Kingdom from our hotel which explained that the…

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